Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have also made a start on The Civil War Diary Quilt. I was going to start Dear Jane, but I haven’t got my background fabric yet.    12th 
February 2010 00312th 
February 2010 002
The one with the squares – I thought I don’t need to do this foundation piecing, so I carefully cut my strips, then squares, and VERY carefully stitched them up to find I had forgotten to add the S.A. Oh my God! how could I do something so basic so wrong. So, I re cut and stitched, only to find I had done a Very scant 1/4” S A and the block measures about 6 7/8” instead of 6 1/2”.
Well…. I had had enough of that one, so maybe I’ll redo it later in the peace, or do very large SA when I stitch it in. No that wouldn’t do at all, so I guess I’ll be redoing!!
I think I need to starch these little beauties as my photos make them look abit off.  My seams are all perfect, so I think that’s the way to go.  Some peoples little blocks look so perfectly neat.
Many thanks to Linda, Jenny, Julie x2 and Quilts & Pieces (sorry I don’t know your name) for all the nice comments you made to my last blog.      Linda I’ll certainly try and remove the Quilts feet. Did you notice the quilts hands! haha  
Thanks for dropping by
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